Busting Myth of Anti CAA-NRC Protesters…

Dear Anti CAA-NRC Protesters, while I am proud of the fact, that the India I grew upon, is fighting tooth and nail, against this government’s might, to ensure India remains a secular and equal country for all, but here is myth buster for you !

7 reasons why Modi Government, would not kneel down to these nationwide protests easily !

1) Modi-Shah duo would not even fickle, because their core agenda of Hindu Rashtra and intrinsic hatred for Muslims, is far far greater than peace and prosperity in the country. It had been really difficult for them to live in the garb of a statesman, with core being of a brain-washed extremist.

2) These protests are exactly what Modi-Shah duo wanted. The longer these protests go, more would be the probability of cases of vandalisms and violence. This may provide them just enough reasons to apply unofficial Emergency nationwide, and thus full grab of power! Remember Indira Gandhi ?

3) Even an inch of violence would give the Government the opportunity to use its muscle against muslims, which they have always wished for. And justifying, reiterating and again stereotyping muslims as anti nationals and terrorists.

4) At ground level, we all are surrounded by bigots for reasons like misinformation, lack of education and inherent fundamentalism, which is core vote bank of BJP. For them, India is a religiously hindu country and one can’t even reason with them. For them, their Religion is more important than Humanity. Sadly, fringe is the new normal.

5) Previous Governments used to discuss issues with the civil society to find a middle ground like in Nirbhaya/Janlokpal Protests. Modi Government, a bully in nature, would neither roll back their law nor will negotiate.

6) These protests provide Modi Government ample opportunity to deflect from governance issues like economy, employment, inflation, farmer distress etc. where they are failing miserably with no short term hope.

7) Modi Government just care about winning elections. 2020 will have just 2 elections. Delhi in February, for which there is no hope for BJP and Bihar in October. And the scariest part, the next General Elections is still 5 long years away in 2024 !

What can break them :

1) Protests would have to continue in some form or other, like a relay, and keeping the pressure on, for atleast next UP elections in 2022 or general elections in 2024.

2) Absolutely non-violent protests across India, because even a single finger raised would give them the opportunity to cut the whole hand. The success of Janlokpal protests was largely dependent on its non-violent nature, especially hunger strikes etc.

3) Boot-strapping BJP by stopping funds received from Corporates. BJP as an independent entity enjoy tons of money from corporates and thus have money muscle to arm twist media, fund IT Cells, and create marketing blitzkrieg. But its a catch-22 trap for corporates as well, as they will fear government revenge.

4) Executive, Judiciary and Police putting pressure back to the Modi Government by participating through non-cooperation.

Thus, the next 5 years would be really tough for India and it is long fight, a very long one!

As a family man who would want to have great future my kids, I have only 3 options:

1) Fight for the Idea of India, Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Shastri, Ambedkar, Bhagat, Tagore etc wished for.

2) Leave this country, and move to greener pastures in more liberal and developed countries.

3) Being a Hindu, Male and Upper Caste, I can choose to be a bigot.

Would love to live the Option 1, may be forced to take Option 2 and would take Option 3 only over my dead body.

God bless my country and my fellow Indians.
Jai Hind !

Pic Credit : Tyler Street Art


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