Gravity : A Heavenly Experience !

Usual movie goer’s expectation from a film is “Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment” ! Meanwhile, if the same movie depicts a social message as well, that’s the icing on the cake. But what if, a movie goes beyond this and ends up as an “Experience” ! “Gravity” surely is a must have experience in one’s life !

Extremely engaging and well crafted “Gravity”, with merely 2 actors and a slim storyline, creates a never-before cinematic experience of life in space.
Its biggest strengths are in its exceptional cinematography, thrilling screenplay, witty dialogues, and legendary performances ! Its brilliant background score further enhances the celestial experience manifolds.

Volumes of pages can be written about movie’s realistic photography, with high attention to detail and astounding artistic perfection, powered by 3D pleasure. But rather writing more about it, I would say, “See it, to believe it” !

Beyond its magical photography, Gravity also weaves in an emotional spatial journey of a mother, an astronaut and a friend, all in one. Amidst all the unforseen, ongoing and untamable problems in life, Gravity enlightens us with a message of “Undying Hope” ! Once the movie ends, though teary eyed, you feel more powerful to face crests and troughs of life !

It would surely be remembered as landmark movie in the history of cinema. Special kudos to the director and the cinematography team.

Don’t miss this one for sure ! Copy that !

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