Modi Budgets : Governance over Intelligence ?

One month in power, and here was an opportunity to give teasers to world, that India is again rising through the crests. But Mr. Modi’s interim budget, delivered by “Sitting” Finance Minister – Arun Jaitely, was like “Anti-Vector” – of Negligible magnitude with no direction. In an attempt to please everyone but the poor, Mr. Jaitely’s “Chillar Party” budget was mere tokenism. Also the budget had more focus on political priorities than economic priorities.

Nevertheless, I had no expectations of  intelligence from the Modi Government, as Manmohan-Chidambaram’s “Economic Sense” is now replaced by Modi-Modi’s “Political Sensationalisms”. In the war of perceptions, where Manmohan Singh failed, was not in ideas but in execution. India elected Mr.Modi as somebody who is perceived as a great administrator, as somebody who get things done. Thus I believe, we should not be judging the Modi-budgets on the economic metrics but on the delivery metrics. And for that, we should give the Modi government sometime to execute their any and every growth plan, they have for India. And if at the end of term, even they fail to relay the actual baton of benefits to the common man, then India would have to make different choices in elections, with eyes wide open.
Because, in the end, nobody cares, what is announced in the budget, until he/she actually receives it.

To conclude, Mr.Modi, I would like to reiterate your famous lines to remind you of the priorities you promised –
“India does not need Acts, but Action”.

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