“Modi – The Marketer” in USA – A Report Card !


After noteworthy interactions with Bhutan, Nepal, Japan, China and Afghanistan, “Foreign Policy Champion” PM Modi recently concluded his all-important trip to USA. With the background of Visa-row by Obama Administration and enthusiastic support of NRIs for Modi, this trip was surely an important event, if not historic. Sycophantic Indian media celebrated this event with full-time live coverage of PM Modi’s trip. Rather reporting unbiased and important news from all across the world and India, they chose to be cheerleaders! Nevertheless, contemporary Indian media has been an “Epitome of Exaggeration”. Meanwhile, after keenly following his itinerary, it seems, he had 3 major agendas to push through.

Firstly and importantly, the major agenda was of marketing the “Brand India” to the US Business Community. He scored full marks by meeting the top brass of the world’s biggest corporations in US. Through this effort, he may have induced some optimism into these corporations to come and “Make in India”. Although, Mr. Modi has been trying to allay fears of these investors, he has still loads of work pending, in creating a comfortable business environment in India. I think, that all these corporations will have now huge expectations from the next budget session. They will look forward to important policy changes in India and till then, they will “Wait and Watch”.

Second Agenda, was to step up the “Brand Modi” into an important International Icon. Like Nehru, Indira, Atal and Manmohan, he wished to make a mark by being a change agent in world politics. He failed miserably with that, but he should be excused as this being his first attempt. His fluttering speech at UNGA went unheard in an empty hall. Although it was very unlike Modi, but it seems that the formal setup, global platform and a written speech format got better of him. He did come to his own midway and made some important points, but who doesn’t. Remember even Manmohan Singh recieved much adulation from its international counterparts, previously at UNGA. Funnily, Indian media lost it senses and sensationalized his speech by equating it with National pride. Indian PMs have been speaking at this forum since ages, had put better points with higher impact. PM Modi also unsuccessfully tried his hand in reaching out to US youth at “Global Citizen Festival” rock concert, but ended up boring them.

Third agenda was about International diplomacy and to revive relations with US Government which were turning sour in last couple of years. Mr. Modi averagely performed as we weren’t able to make any new breakthroughs in our relationship with USA. His dialogue with Obama was not even note-worthy by US media. But again, Mr. Modi can be excused as realists weren’t expecting anything from Obama-Modi meet. Breakthroughs like “The Nuclear deal” don’t happen every day as it requires heightened levels of diplomatic mutual trust. US is also on the verge of electing new government, and India may have to wait for their new government to up-rise the relationship.

And yes beyond all this, Mr. Modi, held a “Tamasha” at Madison Square for his supportive NRIs, who left India for greener pastures. He acted upon previous government’s recommendations and appreciably promised important benefits to them. In his traditional style, Mr. Modi ended up entertaining usual narcissistic Indian audiences across the world, through his influential speech.

To conclude, I would say, I am little vary of aggressive marketing of “Brand Modi” and “Brand India”. A overly-hyped brand with no real actions or performance, crashes faster into unrecoverable troughs. “Reel Intentions” are commendable but India need “Real Actions”!

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  1. Dear Sir,

    You seem to an MMS admirer and an true congressman by principle.

    All your comments spread canard and lies about Modi’s charismatic visit to the US. He is the symbol of youthful energy and a true believer in democratic values. He leads by action by following steadfast values which hitherto have been unmatched by your god Mr. Dumb Witted MMS.

    Have a sense of national pride before personal political goals or agenda, Congress ruled the country for 10 yrs. but did not do anything substantiated for the common man. Even the so called highly intellectual your godly MMS stood as muted puppet in the hands to madam Italy.

    Do you have any sense of shame at all left to malign the democratically elected PM of the nation. The business community matters for FDI in Indian services sector, the more companies are welcomed with red carpet, more likely they will help in booting the manufacturing and IT sector growth.

    Basically you need to look at the iterative benefits that will come based on the free flowing trade cooperation between India/US corporates.

    Lots of bilateral positivity and work/confidence has been gained after the UPA left the Indian economy in shambles with billions of fiscal deficit / inflation.

    Pathetic growth rate during the last few years of UPA 2 ensured Modi has a lot of ground work to do to bring back the ailing economy back on tracks.

    Regarding the UN address it was not an typical congress leader speech who believes in hogwash and appeasement of the UN council. It was an exemplary extempore that made the world notice the true statesman in him. He spoke as an Indian representative on global issues which seek our intervention and role. He is an true mass leader with global visions.

    You can see the turn around already happening now.. appreciate if congress & it’s rugged puppies behave like true national patriots with constructive criticism needed in effective governance instead of such shameful comments.



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