Politics…Not My Cup Of Tea ?

For those who do not follow or have interest in politics, especially women and first time voters, here is my humble request, for this or any election season…

1) Do not vote for someone you believe is powerful and you are afraid to be against them. Vote for someone who is/will not use his/her powers to intimidate you, even if you may disagree with their any actions/policies.

2) Do not vote for someone because your family/friends says so. Vote for someone you believe will make the country a peaceful and progressive place, because your kids will grow up in/to that environment.

3) Do not vote for someone, because you believe he/she will surely win. Vote for someone who you find worthy of, irrespective of his/her chances, because upholding ideals is more important than following something blindly.

4) Do not vote for someone, because media around is only talking about him/her. Vote for someone, who you think should get a chance to serve you, because media could be paid or influenced.

5) Do not vote for someone, because he/she belongs to your religion, caste or occupation. Vote for someone, who takes everyone along, because as it is famously said ” If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. An unequal growth of society is like a ticking time-bomb.

6) And more importantly, please vote. This is the only chance in 5 years for us to remind governments of the day, that they are answerable to us and are here serve us !

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