Mr. Vaidik’s Suicidal Attempt to Fame !

Mr. Ved Prakash Vaidik is under intense media scrutiny for his meeting with the world’s most wanted terror group’s mastermind – Hafiz Saeed. In a suicidal attempt, he himself tweeted his picture clicked with Hafiz Saeed. For a judgemental country obsessed with headlines, the meeting is no less than a sedition. With violent memories of Mumbai 26/11, most Indians believe that Mr. Vaidik should have met Hafiz Saeed, not with a pen, but with a sword.

I believe, as a journalist, and only as a journalist, Mr. Vaidik has every right to meet India’s greatest enemy, and sharing his perspective too. We may or may not agree with all what Hafiz Saeed says or does, but he should also be heard if not believed. Yes I admit, that he could have avoided this unnecessary exercise of meeting Hafiz Saeed and had been more careful.

But where Mr. Vaidik has gone completely nuts, is by not proofing and sharing complete details of his sensational interview, thus creating doubts on his intentions. Meanwhile, he should also now share details of his meetings with Indian government agencies too, to understand the whereabouts and processes to meet Hafiz Saeed. Although, it surprising to know, that the present Modi Government was clueless about their key aide’s meeting.

Amongst the controversy, the most hypocritical  sub-plot is the way Sanghis and ModiBhakts are defending Mr. Vaidik, by providing absolutely hilarious and ridiculous reasonings. I just died laughing hearing Baba Ramdev’s, Niticentral’s and IndiaTV’s journalists logic. I am sure, before 16 May 2014, if any other journalist would have tried this, he would have been ridiculed as anti-national, by these same pseudo-nationalists. Mr. Modi would surely had coined a new slogan amongst his swindling election speeches on this issue.

BJP and its supporters should not and need not to defend Mr Vaidik on various platforms of media. Instead it’s Mr. Vaidik who has to answer all the questions followed by Indian Foreign Ministry and Intelligence agencies for being in deep slumber.

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